Gratitude Diary: why it is worth it


Gratitude Diary: why it is worth it

Psychologists say that one way to change your life for the better is to start keeping a diary of gratitude. What is it and what is the methodology – we will get to know the opinion of experts.

The essence of the technique

The bottom line is that everyone has the opportunity to talk out: to friends, family, loved ones and to themselves using a personal diary. At the same time, the diary remains one of the most effective, because you can tell it absolutely everything.

In this case, the bottom line is: at the end of the day you need to write out on paper everything you were grateful for. And we are talking not only about specific person, but rather about events. By analyzing actions in this way, one can come to unexpected conclusions, for example, that everything is not so bad.

Psychologists are convinced that such a technique is necessary for those who have low self-esteem, and an analysis of events at the end of the day will make it possible to relate to certain things differently, changing the worldview as a whole. Accordingly, each time expressing his gratitude to one or another decision, a person embarks on the path of success and a happy life.

Why is it important

According to recent observations, the gratitude diary allows you to not only analyze the problem. It reduces stress levels and reduces depressive anxiety. As a rule, a depressive state is also caused by the fact that there is no person nearby who will say the words of support. And a gratitude diary can become a tool that will increase self-esteem and give confidence.

By keeping your own diary of gratitude, you can learn to see the good both in people around you and in actions. And very soon you will notice that it is more pleasant to surround yourself with positive people radiating good and light, while the negative will go away.

How to keep a diary

Change your life for the better is not so difficult. Take a notebook and get used to the idea that it will soon become your fulcrum and center of power. In the evening, when all things are finished, open the page and think over the first entry. Yes, reconfiguring your feelings will not be easy. After all, having said thanks, you release insults, fears and anxiety. Think about what you are grateful on this day: the bright sun, a pleasant walk, an unexpected meeting with a nice person?

And so, day after day, you will learn to rejoice, to perceive the world positively and not to accumulate resentment. You are interested? Just get started: write by hand, write down absolutely everything that made the day enjoyable, and let your thoughts tune in to positive changes.

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