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VITAGURU CLUB is a place for communication and friendly meetings of people with similar life values. The club is intended for those who want to get better, to develop their own formula for success, which will be based on proper nutrition, regular exercise, healthy and active lifestyle. We regularly hold events aimed at restoring energy, helping to restore love for life and find harmony in all 12 areas. You get the next opportunities as a member of our club:

  • Change your lifestyle;
  • Correct the figure;
  • Eat right, become physically active;
  • Get rid of depressive conditions;
  • Get acquainted with like-minded people;
  • Live longer and healthier.

Our experts help you adjust your habits, focusing on the desired outcome. Nutritionists, gastroenterologists, pediatricians, psychologists, stylists, cosmetologists, fitness trainers, we are always ready to help you with personal advice.

VITAGURU CLUB is an online lifestyle platform with verified information, articles, interviews, recipes, experts, places, videos, and much more. Club members get full access to constant communication with experts, achieving emotional and financial well-being, despite the lack of time and information overload.

VITAGURU CLUB means useful events, motivation and new opportunities, special conditions for residents, as well as unique novelties and offers. This is a club for communication, returning your energy, and solving problems that prevent you from finding harmony with yourself and the world around you. We never sleep and are ready to provide 24/7 support. Ask your questions and our consultants will answer them.

With love,

Your VITAGURU – personal expert of healthy lifestyle!

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