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INTERNET PORTAL VITAGURU is a high-quality information space for human development.

What do we do?

  1. Diagnose
  2. Cleanse
  3. Restoration
  4. Rejuvenate
  5. Rehabilitate
  6. Stay healthy
  7. Do prevention
  8. Manage health and lifestyle
  9. Control enrergy of life
  10. Fill all 12 spheres of life

What the user gets

“A unique tool for managing life energy”:

  • Client has a reliable source of information and a personal manager of health, longevity, energy, well-being, lifestyle and spirituality.
  • An innovative platform, trends, information, relevant and useful content, products and experts that are beneficial are concentrated in a single place.
  • Experts ratings, additional life resource, verified information, free time, we provide expert review to make free time and resources for client.
  • Mindful lifestyle in stream and resource, with careful ecological green attitude towards oneself, world and people. Rational use.
  • Currency of future: social capital and units of attention.
  • Reduce information retrievaltime: short articles, new know-hows in different areas of life.

You can become an author of one or several areas in which you are an expert!


Author registration

To become an author of the VITAGURU Internet portal, you need to:

  • register on the portal as user.
  • write or call us and send a test article, a short biography, your photo and information about education or qualifications.
  • after that our administration will mark you as an expert on our portal.
  • after completing the registration, you will be able to personally post articles and expert opinions on our portal, as well as accept orders for your services.

Author page

We popularize practical experience of our authors and experts. To do this, we suggest that the author post information about him/herself on personal page (User account – Expert Settings). The decision to provide requested data is always up to the author. Everything except photography is optional and absence of this information does not entail any negative reactions from the editorial staff.

Completed personal page of the author allows you to:

  • tell about yourself and your products / services;
  • attract readers and expand your customer base;
  • ensure uniqueness of materials and get SEO growth for your site(via the links in the profile);
  • post information on planned events in the “Events” section.

Site administration may periodically request information from the author to fill out and update his/her personal profile (personal page).




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