What is sustainability and why is it important


What is sustainability and why is it important

What is sustainability, why is it important?

This is “sustainable development”. It is the resilience of the environment to human impact. In ecology, this term refers to the ability to maintain and develop biological systems.

Humans are part of the ecosystem and the future of the entire planet depends on our daily actions.

The main human impact on Earth is the destruction of ecosystems. The impact of humanity depends on the population of the Earth, which in turn depends on the resources used (renewable and non-renewable) and the ability of ecosystems to scale human activity to withstand external influences.
The term “sustainability” has been actively used since 1980. A system for assessing the negative impact of any product on the environment has been developed in Switzerland. The first was the Swiss Rudy Mueller-Wenck in 1978. According to this system, it was found that the product consumed by an average of 1 person per year is worth 20 million ecopunctions, of which 5.6 million (28%) are food: 2.5 million meat, 600 thousand coffee, 390 thousand – wine.

This is very important.
Studies show that humanity consumes more resources than the planet can reproduce and the predictions are disappointing.
Pollution reduction, etc. .), But for all people – at the level of conscious consumption and lifestyle.

What needs to be done about sustainability?

The use of electricity  used in technological systems such as heating, cooling, watching TV, listening to music and enlightenment is quite high. Especially in hot countries, the amount of energy consumed by air conditioners requires measures taken in EU countries. Two-thirds of the energy consumed by European construction is spent on private property. Developed standards for buildings will be created and energy performances must take place.

It is possible to live a more sustainable life by reorganizing the human environment – by building “smart” eco-cities and eco-villages, using new “green” technologies and renewable energy sources. It is also the development of sustainable agriculture and sustainable production in which businesses must maintain the health of the ecosystem, not spend extra, but use water and other critical resources wisely, think about future generations; Promoting sustainable consumption, promoting ethical fashion, etc.However, it is important not only to use resources efficiently, but also to preserve the environment and the biosphere.

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What is sustainability and why is it important

What is sustainability and why is it important


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